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Dance Eleven— un film de Doris Chase /

Dance Eleven montre une sorte de Duo entre la danseuse et une succession d’images particulières d’elle-même. L’espace est transformé en une atmosphère visqueuse de lumière colorée qui semble inonder et dissoudre, en réponse aux impulsions données par les mouvements de la danseuse.

Features a duet of sorts between Cynthia Anderson and specially processed images of herself. Similar in technique and intention to Dance Eleven, this film is in some ways more lyrical and languorous than the former, emphasizing the overall shaping of the body in dance, rather than isolated movement details such as the virtuoso footwork. Space is transformed into a viscous atmosphere of colored light, which seems to flood and blend in response to movement impulses of the dance. The dance itself has a sustained, weighted quality, contrasting the stable placement of the body against sinuously rhythmic movements of limbs. A mellow sensation of tension is emphasized by the dissonant, muted hues programmed by Chase, while feedback effects multiply, blur and dissolve the image. The sum effect is to induce a meditative mood tinged with a not unpleasant melancholy. Thèmes : Dance, Suitable for children

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