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QUOUSQUE EADEM? (or a self portrait)— un film de Tzuan Wu /

Tenir une caméra, c’est changer notre regard et manière de voir. Notre perception est distordue. C’est un état intermédiaire d’opacité. “QUOUSQUE EADEM?”est un titre repris du livre d’E.M. CIoran “Précis de décomposition” et qui pourrait être traduit par “Combien de temps encore devons nous endurer les mêmes choses?”.
Ce film est montré ici en première mondiale.

When one is holding a camera, it changes the way of seeing, distortion of the perception. It’s an opaque state of intermediacy. The image made in this way is also non-transparent as is, changeable but repeating, just as the perception to everyday-lives and to the selves, is hard to determine and trap in the stalemate. This work started as a personal project, a one-man home video, which represents to the certain stage of my life and it was produced only for my own. While started working on it again, I changed the initial goal. Reassemble with narration, HD images and digitalized Super 8mm footages, to transform the (pseudo-) video diaries to a video essay about my reflections on the interrelationship between vision, memory, and the process of image (re-) production. The title “QUOUSQUE EADEM?” comes from the same-name essay in the book “Precis de decomposition” of E. M. Cioran. Which means “How much longer (must we endure) the same things?” I have no mean to reiterate the hatred and helplessness of the essay, however I think the sense of the repetitiveness in the impermanence is suitable to this work.
World Premiere

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