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Les Champs brûlants— un film de Stefano Canapa / Catherine Libert /

En-deça de la grande Histoire du cinéma italien et de sa mort annoncée, il y a l'autre histoire, celle d'un cinéma invisible et résistant, ce cinéma qu'aucune tempête ne pourra anéantir parce qu'il reviendra toujours, libre et spontané, comme les herbes folles le long des chemins de traverse.
"Les Champs brûlants" est le quatrième épisode des « Chemins de traverse », road movie cinématographique qui parcourt l'Italie du nord au sud à la recherche d'un cinéma indépendant, considéré comme mort et pourtant bien vivant. Des ruines du Circo Massimo à Rome, en passant par ses banlieues oubliées, jusqu'aux décombres de Pozzuoli, le film va à la rencontre d'un cinéma de la survivance, celui de Beppe Gaudino et Isabella Sandri.

Réalisation: Catherine Libert
Image: Stéfano Canapa
Son : Catherine Libert et Manu de Boissieu
Montage : Catherine Libert, Stefano Canapa, Fred Piet et Yoana Urruzola

Avec : Enrico Ghezzi, Isabella Sandri et Beppe Gaudino.

Campi ardenti is the forth episode of Vie traverse, a cinematographic road movie that run across Italy looking for an independent kind of cinema that many people consider dead but that is still extremely lively. From north to south, meetings with manufacturer of shadow cinema increase (directors, producers, critics, designers...) and through the various facets of their cinema-life, of their poetic or politic commitment, we look for a definition : what is independence ?
From the ruins of Circo Massimo in Rome, to those of Rione Terra in Pozzuoli, going through the forgotten suburbs of the capital city, Campi ardenti deals with the meeting with a survival cinema, the one by Beppe Gaudino and Isabella Sandri.

Director: Catherine Libert
Photography: Stéfano Canapa
Sound : Catherine Libert andManu de Boissieu
Editing : Catherine Libert, Fred Piet, Yoana Urruzola, Stefano Canapa
Production : Catherine Libert, Stefano Canapa

Starring: Enrico Ghezzi, Isabella Sandri and Beppe Gaudino.

“Les Champs brûlants” is about Beppe Gaudino and Isabella Sandri, two independent cinematographer who make independence a reason for existence, two human beings lost in cinema and in its language among the ruins of a cinematography, the Italian one, which has no perspectives and in which any leeway is due to the desperate obstinacy of individuals who pursue ephemeral dream, like motion images are. Catherine Libert and Stefano Canapa’s project, a journey in Italy on the cinematographic independence’s trail - Vie Traverse – becomes extremely important if we consider the objective
problems our nation is living, not only and not so much in the world of cinema, a story to be built, to be made, but that is necessary – the importance of taking a stock of the situation, of mapping those directors and that kind of cinema that in a lost war situation is able to show different and distant
individualities hoping that this work will help us to understand the need for going back on cinema and on this Country, as a community.
The “Vie Traverse” that everyone is running through, one day should converge on something, on a place where there is a wide horizon, where you can glimpse a possible future.
Thèmes : architecture, Documentary, Feature-lenght, Landscape, politics and protest, portrait

France Italie
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Champs brûlants

Catherine Libert
Fichier Quicktime · 01:14:00
France Italie — 2010