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Alan Vega, just a million dreams— un film de Marie Losier /

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This intimate portrait depicts the moving and rebellious soul of groundbreaking visual artist and pioneer of minimalist electronic rock, Alan Vega, vocalist and composer for 1970s and 80s punk/post punk duo Suicide. Alan plays with the camera while loving, fighting and living with his family —Liz Lamere, his wife and collaborator, and their prodigal son Dante, young replica of Alan. Traces of joy, eccentricity, illumination, the rock-n-roll Alan Vega is still very alive, funny and
rebellious! Thèmes : Music, portrait

Format de projection
Fichier Quicktime
Tarif de location pour une projection : 60 €

Alan Vega, just a million dreams

Marie Losier
Fichier Quicktime · 00:16:00
Américaine — 2014