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“Electric Storm” 100 Years of Theremin— un film de Marie Losier /

Musique composée et interprétée par Dorit Chrysler
Batterie/percussions par Yuval Lion
Mixage a Bernd Heinrauch Studio
Introducing: The Moog Claravox
Image et Montage de Marie Losier
Etalonnage Yannig Willmann
Production Tamara Films /  Carole Chassaing
Assistante mise en scène et productrice associée Clara Alloing
En collaboration avec le CERN CMS Collider
Avec le soutien du CNC / Aide a la Video Musique

“Electric Storm” celebrates the beginning of electronic music marked by the 100th birthday of the Theremin - Dorit Chrysler envisioned its setting in a “Cathedral of Science” namely at CERN, the international Nuclear Research Center at Geneva. Teaming up with Film Maker Marie Losier, “Electric Storm” was filmed (by Marie on 16mm) at the CMS collider cave of CERN in mid march.
It has a particular poignancy in that it while the shoot had been planned for years, the weekend that had been chosen turned out to be the weekend of the great world shutdown and everybody’s flights and trains (NY, Paris, Vienna) were being cancelled and they didn’t know if they would be stuck in Geneva far from their families, and yet they continued working solidly nevertheless. Thèmes : Music, science fiction

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