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Le Témoin ou la timide espérance— un film de Christiane Guymer /

Le «narrateur» de ces images pacifiques, gaies, d’une vie heureuse évoque sa place de «témoin» des difficultés du mouvement lettriste pour construire un monde de plus de richesses et de plus de bonheur.

In her approach as a close observer of certain creators in the Letterist Movement, which has revealed CREATION as the central value of a new philosophical system, and as a witness of the multiform creations of an important creator of this movement, and his efforts to help building a richer and happier world, in order to leave a trace upon the world of silence imposed on contemporary artists, the author has selected here lively, peaceful scenes showing a happy life.

This is a chiseling letterist film, in which image during the accelerated montage, disynchronising image and sound, has been itself chiseled by drawing on the views, abstract, symbolic figures which reinforce its meaning. Thèmes :

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