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Kokoro is for heart— un film de Philip Hoffman /

Kokoro is for heart, une performance de sept minutes en noir et blanc filmé contre la démolition d'un puits de gravier. Hoffman décrit ce travail comme expérimental, un ciné-poème fait rapidement et spontanément, introduisant le poète Gerry Shikatani.

Kokoro is for heart is a collaboration with Canadian-Japanese sound poet Gerry Shikatani. Gerry works with sound the way a sculptor models clay, quickly and carefully, feeling each phrase with the body and the breath. It calls to mind the breath of the Bolex, the rhythm created through shooting rather than through editing. We walked over to the gravel pit one day, down the road, and filmed Kokoro is for heart. Gerry’s gestures sometimes coinciding with the lens, sometimes out of the picture... a stone... a feather, his script\poems floating like big ships in a puddle. The irregular yet rhythmical sound of the camera's inner workings, echoes Gerry's phrasing and re-phrasing.

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Kokoro is for heart

Philip Hoffman
16mm · 00:07:00
Canada — 1999