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1948 In the eyes of a child— un film de Gal Tushia /

A partir d’images d’archives datant de 1948, collectées par Nathan Exelrod, le montage du réalisateur suggère une analogie entre les enfants d’une colonie de vacances et la production et transport d’oranges ; les enfants et les oranges étaient les produits de la nation d’Israel, qui venait de naître.

The project is based on archive footage shot in 1948 by Nathan Exelrod. The editing suggests the analogy between kids in a summer camp and the production line of oranges shipment; both the kids and the oranges were the products of the newborn country-Israel.
The soundtrack is based on the songs of the Israeli pioneers, which were the greatest hits of 1948 - the year Israel was constituted and acknowledged by the world. The songs were chosen for their heroic pathos, which is the legacy the pioneers tried (and till recently succeeded) to raise the Israeli children upon. Today these songs serve as a soundtrack for the memorial days and their echo still bring pathos in every Israeli soul. These songs were then layered into a dark drone in order to capture only their basic essence, revealing that feeling of sad heroism while bringing up sounds from the past.

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