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Guiding fictions— un film de Mark Street /

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Images shot on walks in the forest with an old, twisted 35mm camera. The film trudged through the camera, on a last mission. I buried the film in the front yard. Let the dirt on the film kiss the dirt in the ground. Maryland humidity wore it down to its wisps. Much later, sound recorded in Brooklyn. Teenage skateboarders smoking cigarettes and jumping off the steps at my local subway entrance. A Russian festival in the park, much singing and speechmaking, all incomprehensible to me. The schism between the country and city, so clear at last.
Thèmes : abstraction, Landscape, Suitable for children

Format de projection
Fichier Quicktime
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Guiding fictions

Mark Street
Fichier Quicktime · 00:05:25
Etats-unis — 2002