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Claire Fowler

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Claire Fowler is a British filmmaker who works with documentary and experimental narratives. A graduate of the Royal College of Art and Oxford University, she divides her time between Europe, where she has recently completed a 3 month artist residency in Paris, and the State. She has just completed a 22 minute documentary exploring the difficulties the Palestinian children have obtaining essential medical care within the occupied territories of the West Bank (In association with the Palestine Children's Relief Fund). And is developing the issues raised in Open Heart into a longer production. Her work has been screened at Rotterdam Film festival, Rooftop films in New York, and Festival Internationales Paris/Berlin amongst others.

Année de naissance : 19--

Nationalité : Angleterre


Titre Image Chromie Son Durée Année Ref CJC
Portrait as - on line 35 mm Couleur Sonore 00:07:00 2006 06-023