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Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof

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Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof was born in Poland, where she lived for the most part of her childhood. At the age of twelve she immigrated with her parents to Toronto, Canada, where she currently resides. Izabella is an experimental filmmaker, scholar and Assistant Professor at the School of Image Arts, Ryerson University in Toronto. She is a graduate of the Media Arts Programme at Ryerson University (B.A.A) and the Communication and Culture Programme at York University (M.A.) and (Ph.D.). Her doctoral work concentrated on identifying the feminine aesthetics in the avant-garde cinema and body art by drawing on Julia Kristeva’s and Luce Irigaray’s theories on vanguard poetry and language. Izabella’s film and video projects have screened in numerous group shows at international film festivals, cinematheques, galleries and art centres in Canada and abroad. More recently, solo screenings of her works have been presented at the Diagonal Film Archive in Seoul, South Korea (2008), at the 10th Festival des Cinéma Différent de Paris in France (2008), and at Canadian Film Institute: CAFÉ eX in Ottawa (2007). She also received several awards for her films. Izabella is the co-fou nder and an active member of the successful Toronto-based experimental film collective, the Loop Collective (www.loopcollective.com). Her interests as an artist and scholar concentrate on the feminine aesthetics, history and theory of avant-garde art and cinema, psychoanalytic and phenomenological perspectives on the human body and the sensorium, performance and body art, and Marshall McLuhan’s theories on media and the arts.

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Nationalité : Canada


Titre Image Chromie Son Durée Année Ref CJC
Light Magic - on line 16mm Couleur Sonore 00:04:00 2001 01-068
The garden of Earthly Delights - on line 16mm Couleur Silencieux 00:08:00 2008 08-017
Fugitive L(i)ght 16mm Couleur Sonore 00:09:00 2005 05-065
Pulsions - on line 16mm Couleur Sonore 00:09:30 2007 07-013
Echo 16mm Couleur Sonore 00:09:00 2007 07-017
Her Carnal Longings - on line 16mm Couleur Sonore 00:09:00 2003 03-081
Song of the firefly - on line 35 mm Couleur Sonore 00:05:00 2002 02-071