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Maximilian Le Cain

Maximilian Le Cain a fait de nombreux courts et moyens-métrages en film et vidéo ces dix dernières années et est aussi critique de cinéma.

Maximilian Le Cain (b. 1978) has continuously made short and medium-length films and videos over the past decade. His always personal, formally experimental work has included narrative, documentary, and video art installation, although it mostly wanders restlessly somewhere between those categories. He is also a film critic whose writings have appeared in a broad range of international film journals and in several books. He is editor of Cork Film Centre’s online experimental film magazine Experimental Conversations (www.experimentalconversations.com). He is based in Cork City, Ireland.

For more information and a filmography, please visit: http://www.expcinema.com/wikien/Maximilian_Le_Cain

Année de naissance : 1978

Nationalité : Irlande


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