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Vicky Langan

Vicky Langan est considérée comme “la dame du noise irlandais” et est une performeuse, DJ et curatrice de ‘Black Sun’ (des rencontres musicales étranges basées à Cork).

Hailed as The 'Queen-Bee of Irish Noise', Vicky Langan is the curator of Black Sun, a regular, Cork-based weirdo/outer limits music event, through which she has brought many renowned makers of strange sounds from around the world to play for the first time in Ireland. Her solo performance project, Wölflinge, often explores the darker side of intimacy, using flesh, fluid and self built instruments. She also collaborates with Paul Hegarty in the noise art / performance project La Société des Amis du Crime. Additionally, Vicky is a DJ whose radio programmes on both community and pirate radio gave focus to the creaks and rumblings of underground experimental music from Ireland and beyond. She has improvised scores for theatre, and collaborates on experimental films and live art projects. 

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Nationalité : Irlande


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