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Sonya Stefan

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Producing video/film/dance work with artists Sylvain Poirier and Yves St. Pierre, in their company Bande Interdite, her work have been exhibited in Festival du Nouveau Cinéma,

Les Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois, Montreal's World Film Festival, Toronto Moving Images Festival and the International Video Dance Festivals in Asia, Europe and South America. Sonya is co-founder of groop*index which is a Montreal-based collective of filmmakers and visual artists and has just completed a residency/performance in Poitiers, France with Nyktalop Melodie exploring new media technologies which has spurred a new creation with musician Jane L. Kasovicz and media artist Guillaume Vallée. Through the support of CALQ/CAC as well as residencies at Studio 303, Studio 211 and Circuit Est Centre Choreographic, Sonya's new film/dance creation was presented at Agora de la Danse in October 2013. Presently she is editing her first full length fiction "Living Room Dances" which will be completed in Summer 2014 as well as performing a [Tribute to Michel Brault] in this year's RVCQ .

Her most recent achievements include producing, directing and performing in a 5-screen installation winning the Mel Hoppenhiem Cinema Award as well as being named in

Fabienne Cabado's 2013 Bilan danse for her vlog in cinédanse. Her interest in creating cinédanse is inspired from her professional dance career which began in 1996, training and performing with Toronto Dance Theatre and Dance Theatre David Earle. Since migrating to Montreal in 1999, she has taken the opportunity to work with several dance artists and companies including Estelle Clareton, Dana Gingras, Peter Trosztmer, Mariko Tanabe, Fondation Jean Pierre Perreault, Cas Public and Montreal Danse. Sonya has developed her pedagogical and interpretive dance skills through rehearsal directing for Jean-Pierre Perreault's, JOE, choreographing for Repercussion Theatre's Shakespeare in the Parks and a decade of training dancers at Ballet Divertimento pre-professional training program.

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Nationalité : Canada


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