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The Other Image— un film de Richard O’Sullivan /

Il n'y a pas de synopsis français pour ce film

A tiny surveillance camera has been attached to a ceiling fan that rotates at high speed above the body of the artist in a dimly lit room. The camera transmits wirelessly to a camcorder (resulting in interference on the image). In post-production, the images have been freeze-framed, or slowed down to 30 percent of normal speed, and edited together with material running at its original speed.

The full-speed footage presents a kaleidoscopic arc of light, while the freeze-frames show distorted images of the artist’s body and indicate the image as it ‘actually’ is on the image-track. We witness the difference between the image as perceived in the brain/eyes of the viewer, and the image as it was captured by the camera.

The work asks the viewer to reconcile his or her perceptual sense with the intellectual knowledge of the ‘actual’ nature of the image.

The piece can be installed on a monitor or using a projector, or may be shown on a cinema screen with other works. Thèmes : Body

Format de projection
Fichier Quicktime
Tarif de location pour une projection : 30 €