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Bruce Wood

Né en 1951 à Boston. Il étudie le cinéma mais également la peinture et la photographie au Massachusetts College of Art et à la School of the Art Institute de Chicago. Il réalise des films depuis 1976, les présente avec ses photographies noir et blanc ainsi que des peintures faites à partir et sur celles-ci.
Bruce Wood : photographs, paintings, Film, The Gilbert gallery Ltd., Chicago, 1978.

Born in Boston, 1951, Bruce Wood studied filmmaking at the Massachussetts College of Art (B.A, 1973) and at the School of the Art Institute Chicago (M.F.A, 1975). Wood has also studied painting and photography and employs both these mediums in his presentations. The inspiration for Bruce Wood's work comes primarily from painting. His silent, black-and-white abstract films have been compared with the work of Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline and Larry Poons.
From individual frames, Wood makes photographic prints. These are displayed as black-and-white photographs; transformed into photo-overpaintings with a blend of colours (as Wood "dreams in colour"); and in the final generation, projected and realized as a painting. All three media are exhibited together. Wood explains, "For a long time I've wanted to show selected photographs, films and painting together, because they are all parts of the same thoughts and work. The images have developed from my memories, dreams and illusions, but are presented as answers to formal problems. I feel obliged to give life to these images, whether it is for a split second or for a limitless period of time."
Wood has lectured and shown his films in the United States and quite extensively abroad. ...
Bruce Wood: photographs, paintings, film , The Gilbert Gallery LTD, Chicago,1978

Bruce Wood's films are among the most sensual of any "abstract" animated work ever madeÉProjected, they generate a fluid stream of organic images in a carefully controlled post-cubist space comparable to the work of painters like Jackson Pollock. Viewed one frame at a time, (which is the way much of the footage is shot), they recall the rich lines and textures of such master etchers as Rembrandt. Wood's use of camera movement during the exposure of each individual frame - - like drawing - together with the illusion of movement in projection make his films both beautiful and unique."
Bill Judson, Curator of film, Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute

Année de naissance : 1951

Nationalité : Etats-unis


Titre Image Chromie Son Durée Année Ref CJC
Arctic Desire - on line 16mm N&B Silencieux 00:07:00 1976 76-012
Frozen Flight - on line 16mm N&B Silencieux 00:32:00 1977 77-009
Bridge of Heaven - on line 16mm N&B Silencieux 00:32:00 1977 77-010